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The Germany 1939 J 2 Mark coin is a historical piece issued during the Nazi era under the Third Reich. Here are some key details about this coin:

- **Year and Mint Mark:** The "J" mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in Hamburg.

- **Composition:** The coin is made of silver, with a purity of .625 (62.5%).

- **Denomination:** The face value of the coin is 2 Mark.

- **Condition:** AU (About Uncirculated) indicates that the coin is in nearly uncirculated condition. It may have some signs of handling or wear, but overall, it retains much of its original luster and detail.

- **Design:** The obverse side typically features an image of an eagle with a swastika, a common motif on coins minted during the Third Reich. The reverse side often depicts an oak wreath surrounding the denomination and the mint mark.

It's important to note the historical context of this coin. Coins minted during the Nazi era are often collected for their historical significance rather than as investment pieces. As with all items from this period, they should be approached with sensitivity to the historical events associated with them.

Germany 1939 J 2 Mark German WW2 Silver Coin Third Reich Reichsmark AU

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