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The 1925-D 3 Mark coin from Germany, graded XF Details Cleaned by NGC, represents a fascinating piece of numismatic history with its unique attributes and historical significance. Here's an overview of this remarkable coin:

1. **Year and Mintmark**: Minted in 1925 at the Munich Mint, the "D" mintmark denotes its origin in Germany's numismatic landscape during the Weimar Republic era.

2. **Grade and Certification**: Graded XF (Extremely Fine) Details Cleaned by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), this coin has been professionally authenticated and graded by one of the most trusted third-party grading services in the world. The "Details Cleaned" designation indicates that the coin has undergone cleaning at some point in its history, affecting its surface appearance but not its overall wear or detail.

3. **Composition**: The 1925-D 3 Mark coin is likely composed of .500 fine silver, with a weight of approximately 16.65 grams and a diameter of around 33 millimeters. These specifications were typical for 3 Mark coins issued during this period.

4. **Design**: The obverse of the coin features a portrayal of a Germanic Eagle, a symbol often associated with German numismatics. The reverse typically bears an inscription denoting the denomination and date, along with other relevant elements depending on the specific issue.

5. **Historical Context**: The Weimar Republic era in Germany, characterized by economic turmoil and political instability, saw the issuance of various coinage denominations, including the 3 Mark coin. Coins from this period often reflect the challenges and transitions faced by Germany during the aftermath of World War I and the implementation of the Dawes Plan to address reparations.

6. **Collector Appeal**: Despite its XF Details Cleaned designation, this coin still holds significant appeal to collectors interested in German coinage, particularly from the Weimar Republic period. Its historical significance, coupled with its graded status by NGC, makes it a noteworthy addition to any numismatic collection focused on German coins or 20th-century European history.

7. **Presentation**: Encapsulated in a protective holder by NGC, this coin is securely preserved and authenticated, ensuring its condition and provenance. While the cleaning may affect its visual appeal to some extent, its historical significance and certified grade contribute to its desirability among collectors.

In summary, the 1925-D 3 Mark coin from Germany, graded XF Details Cleaned by NGC, offers collectors an opportunity to own a piece of Weimar Republic history. Despite its cleaning designation, its historical significance and certified grade make it a compelling addition to any numismatic collection focused on German coinage or 20th-century European history.

Germany- 1925-D 3 Mark- XF Details Cleaned NGC

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