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The France 1 Franc banknote from Nancy, issued in 1917 and cataloged as Pirot:87-42, holds historical significance as a piece of French monetary history from World War I.

During this period, France faced economic challenges due to the demands of the war effort. As a result, local authorities and municipalities, including Nancy, issued their own currency to address the shortage of official currency. These local banknotes were used for everyday transactions and typically featured unique designs and characteristics.

The 1 Franc denomination was commonly used for small transactions and circulated widely within the region of Nancy. Each banknote bore unique designs that reflected the issuing authority's identity, local landmarks, or historical events.

As a collector's item, the France 1 Franc banknote from Nancy serves as a tangible link to the economic challenges faced by France during World War I. It is valued not only for its historical significance but also for its uniqueness and collectibility among numismatists interested in French currency and World War I memorabilia.

France, Nancy, 1 Franc, 1917, Pirot:87-42, Used Banknote

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