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The "Chambre de Commerce de NANCY - Deux Francs - 11-11-1918" note refers to a banknote issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Nancy, France, marking the end of World War I. Here are some details about this historical banknote:

1. **Issuing Authority:** Chambre de Commerce de NANCY - The Chamber of Commerce in Nancy, a city in northeastern France, issued this banknote.

2. **Denomination:** Deux Francs - The face value of the banknote is two francs.

3. **Date of Issue:** 11-11-1918 - The date, November 11, 1918, is significant as it marks the armistice that ended World War I.

4. **Historical Context:** This banknote is likely a commemorative issue, released to mark the conclusion of World War I on November 11, 1918. The date represents the Armistice Day when hostilities ceased on the Western Front.

5. **Design Elements:** The design of the banknote would likely include symbols or imagery associated with peace, victory, or the end of the war. It may also bear inscriptions or visuals honoring those who served during the war.

6. **Collectible Value:** Banknotes from this historical period, especially those commemorating the end of World War I, can be of significant interest to collectors due to their historical and numismatic value.

For a more detailed assessment of its collector's value or historical significance, you may want to consult with numismatic experts, refer to specialized catalogs on French banknotes, or explore historical archives related to the Chamber of Commerce in Nancy. The condition of the banknote and its rarity can also impact its collector's value.

FRANCE - Chambre de Commerce de NANCY - Deux Francs - 11-11-1918 WW1 Note

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