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The description you provided refers to a banknote from Fiji. Here are the details:

- **Country:** Fiji
- **Denomination:** 10 Dollars
- **Year:** 2007
- **Catalog Number:** P-111b (This is the catalog number used by collectors to identify the specific banknote.)
- **Condition:** PMG 64 PPQ Choice UNC (UNC stands for Uncirculated)

In numismatics, a grade of PMG 64 PPQ Choice UNC indicates the following:

- **PMG 64:** The banknote has been graded by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) and received a grade of 64 out of 70. This suggests it is in excellent condition with minor imperfections.
- **PPQ:** This stands for "Premium Paper Quality," indicating that the banknote possesses superior paper quality with no impairments.
- **Choice UNC:** This signifies that the banknote is uncirculated and in choice condition, meaning it retains its original crispness and has no significant signs of wear or damage.

Overall, a Fiji 10 Dollars 2007 banknote with a grade of PMG 64 PPQ Choice UNC would be highly valued by collectors due to its excellent condition, premium paper quality, and rarity.

Fiji 10 Dollars 2007 UNC, P-111b, PMG 64 PPQ Choice UNC Banknote

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