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- **Country:** Ecuador
- **Denomination:** 20 Veinte Sucres
- **Year:** 1988
- **Catalog Number:** Pick-121 (This is the catalog number used by collectors to identify the specific banknote.)
- **Condition:** Used

As it's described as "used," this banknote likely circulated in the economy and shows signs of wear and use. Without specific grading information, it's challenging to provide more precise details about its condition or value.

The Pick numbering system is widely used among collectors to categorize world banknotes, and Pick-121 refers to the catalog number assigned to this particular banknote by the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money.

If you're interested in further information about its design features, security elements, or historical significance, feel free to ask!

ECUADOR 20 VEINTE SUCRES 1988 NOTE Pick-121, Used Banknote

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