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The East Germany DDR 5 Mark 1988 A coin, featuring Rostock - Port City, is a fascinating numismatic specimen that offers a glimpse into the history and culture of the German Democratic Republic (DDR). Here are some key features and details about this coin:

1. **Issuance**: The coin was issued by the German Democratic Republic (DDR), which was established in 1949 in the Soviet-occupied zone of post-World War II Germany.

2. **Denomination**: It has a face value of 5 Mark, representing a significant amount of currency during the DDR era.

3. **Composition**: The coin is likely made of a base metal, such as copper-nickel or aluminum-bronze, commonly used for circulating coins in the DDR.

4. **Design**: The obverse side of the coin typically features the emblem of the German Democratic Republic, which includes symbols such as the hammer and compass surrounded by a wreath. The reverse side likely depicts a portrayal of Rostock, a major port city located on the Baltic Sea coast of northeastern Germany.

5. **Date and Mint Mark**: The coin bears the date 1988 and the mint mark "A," indicating that it was minted in Berlin.

6. **Condition**: The coin is described as UNC, or uncirculated, indicating that it is in mint condition and has not been used in commerce. UNC coins typically exhibit full luster and sharp details.

7. **Historical Context**: Rostock, as depicted on the coin, is one of the oldest and largest cities in northern Germany, with a rich maritime history dating back centuries. During the DDR era, Rostock was an important industrial and port city, playing a significant role in the economy of East Germany.

8. **Collectible Value**: Coins from the DDR period, especially those featuring notable cities or themes, are sought after by collectors interested in German numismatics and Cold War history. The East Germany DDR 5 Mark 1988 A coin, with its depiction of Rostock - Port City, holds both historical and cultural significance, making it a desirable addition to any collection of DDR coins.

Overall, the East Germany DDR 5 Mark 1988 A coin is a tangible piece of East German history that commemorates the port city of Rostock and its importance within the DDR.

East Germany DDR, 5 Mark 1988 A, Rostock - Port City, as shown. UNC

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