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The Cuba ND (1985) 1 Peso Exchange Certificate, with the designation P-FX6, is a type of currency issued by the government of Cuba. Here's a general description of what such an exchange certificate might entail:

- **Purpose**: Exchange certificates were often issued by governments in countries with controlled economies to facilitate foreign exchange transactions. These certificates were typically used by travelers or individuals needing to exchange foreign currency for local currency.

- **Design**: The design of the exchange certificate would likely include various security features to prevent counterfeiting, such as intricate patterns, watermarks, or special inks. The certificate may also feature symbols or imagery associated with Cuba or its government.

- **Denomination**: The denomination of the exchange certificate is 1 Peso. This indicates its value in the local currency and its purchasing power within the Cuban economy at the time of issuance.

- **Date**: The "ND" designation stands for "no date," indicating that the exchange certificate does not bear a specific year of issue. However, it's noted that it was issued in 1985.

- **FX Series**: The "FX" series designation indicates that this is an exchange certificate issued for foreign exchange purposes, rather than a standard banknote.

Overall, the Cuba ND (1985) 1 Peso Exchange Certificate represents a form of currency used for foreign exchange transactions in Cuba during the mid-1980s. These certificates hold historical significance and are sought after by collectors interested in Cuban currency, especially those interested in the economic policies of the country during that period.

Cuba ND (1985) 1 Peso Exchange Certificate P-FX6

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