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The Cuba 1954 100 Pesos banknote, designated as P82b, is a valuable piece of Cuban numismatic history. Here's a detailed description:

1. **Denomination and Year**: The banknote has a denomination of 100 Pesos and was issued in 1954. This particular denomination was likely used for larger transactions within Cuba's economy.

2. **Design Features**: The banknote features intricate design elements typical of Cuban currency from the mid-20th century. It likely includes various security features such as watermarks, security threads, and intricate patterns to prevent counterfeiting. The obverse side may showcase prominent figures, symbols, or landmarks significant to Cuban culture or history.

3. **Condition**: Described as XF (Extremely Fine), the banknote likely exhibits signs of circulation, such as minor wear and creases, but remains well-preserved overall. It may have retained its original crispness and clarity to a significant extent, making it highly collectible.

4. **Historical Significance**: The banknote represents a period of economic stability and development in Cuba during the 1950s. It provides a tangible link to the country's political and economic landscape during that time, offering valuable insights to collectors and historians.

5. **Collector's Item**: Due to its historical significance and scarcity, the Cuba 1954 100 Pesos banknote is highly sought after by collectors of Cuban currency and banknotes from around the world. Its XF condition adds to its desirability among numismatists.

Overall, the Cuba 1954 100 Pesos P82b banknote is a noteworthy addition to any collection, offering a glimpse into Cuba's past while also serving as a valuable investment and conversation piece for enthusiasts of numismatics.

Cuba 1954 100 Pesos P82b XF

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