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The Cook Islands $3 banknote from 1987, with the designation P-3a, is a fascinating piece of currency from the Cook Islands, a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand. Here's a general description of what such a banknote might look like:

- **Obverse Side**: The obverse side of the banknote likely features various symbols and imagery significant to the Cook Islands. This could include depictions of local landmarks, cultural motifs, or images representing the natural beauty of the islands. The denomination "Three Dollars" and other relevant text may also be present.

- **Reverse Side**: The reverse side of the banknote may continue the theme established on the obverse, with additional imagery or symbols relevant to the Cook Islands. This could include scenes of island life, traditional activities, or representations of the local flora and fauna.

- **Color Scheme**: The color scheme of the banknote may vary, but it likely includes vibrant colors commonly associated with Pacific Island currencies, such as shades of blue, green, or orange. The specific colors used may also help to distinguish different denominations.

- **Security Features**: Banknotes from this period may have limited security features compared to modern banknotes, but they may still include elements such as watermarks, security threads, or special inks to deter counterfeiting.

- **Condition**: Banknotes from this period may vary in condition depending on factors such as circulation, storage, and handling. An "AU" (Almost Uncirculated) designation suggests that the banknote is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear, making it particularly desirable to collectors.

Given the unique cultural heritage and natural beauty of the Cook Islands, this banknote likely holds both cultural and historical significance, especially to collectors interested in Pacific Island currencies or numismatics. Please note that specific details about the design may vary depending on the series or edition of the banknote. Without access to an image or more specific information about the banknote's design, it's challenging to provide a more detailed description.

Cook Islands $3 1987 ND P-3a UNC ,Stains Banknote

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