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China Hell Notes, also known as Joss Paper, are a form of fake currency used in traditional Chinese ancestor worship rituals. The practice involves burning Hell Notes as offerings to the deceased, as it is believed that the burned paper money will be transformed into actual money in the afterlife and provide financial security for the deceased in the afterworld.

Hell Notes are typically made of thin sheets of paper or bamboo and are printed to resemble real currency, with images of famous figures, denominations, and intricate designs. They come in different denominations and are usually burned in large quantities as part of the ritual.

In addition to Hell Notes, other items such as paper houses, cars, and other goods are also burned as offerings to the deceased. The practice of burning Hell Notes is an important part of traditional Chinese culture and is believed to bring good luck and blessings to both the living and the deceased

China Hell Note 2008 1,000 Uncirculated

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