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The China 1914 Bank of Communications 10 Yuan banknote from Shanghai, designated as Pick# 118o and graded PMG64 CU, is a remarkable piece of historical currency with several notable features. Here's a detailed description:

1. **Country and Denomination**: The banknote originates from China and carries a denomination of 10 Yuan. The Bank of Communications, one of China's largest banks, issued this note, reflecting its importance in the country's financial system during the early 20th century.

2. **Date and Series**: The banknote was issued in 1914, adding to its historical significance. It belongs to a specific series designated as Pick# 118o, which helps collectors and enthusiasts identify its unique characteristics and variations.

3. **Condition and Grading**: The banknote has been professionally graded by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) and received a grade of 64 CU (Choice Uncirculated). This indicates that the note is in exceptional condition, with sharp corners, original crispness, and vibrant colors, making it highly desirable among collectors.

4. **Design Elements**: The obverse side of the banknote likely features intricate artwork and design elements characteristic of early 20th-century Chinese banknotes. This may include images of notable landmarks, traditional motifs, and portraits of historical figures associated with the Bank of Communications or Chinese finance.

5. **Security Features**: Despite being issued over a century ago, the banknote likely incorporates advanced security features for its time to deter counterfeiting. These may include intricate engraving, watermarks, and special paper characteristics that enhance its authenticity.

6. **Historical Context**: The year 1914 was a tumultuous period in China's history, marked by political upheaval, social change, and economic development. Banknotes from this era serve as tangible artifacts of China's transition from imperial rule to the modern era, offering insights into its financial infrastructure and economic progress.

7. **Collector's Item**: For numismatists and collectors, the China 1914 Bank of Communications 10 Yuan banknote is a highly coveted item. Its combination of historical significance, exceptional condition, and professional grading makes it a prized addition to any collection of Chinese or world banknotes.

Overall, the China 1914 Bank of Communications 10 Yuan banknote, graded PMG64 CU, represents a fascinating piece of Chinese monetary history, reflecting the country's cultural heritage, economic development, and financial innovation during the early 20th century.

China 1914 Bank of Communications 10 Yuan Shanghai Pick# 118o PMG64 CU

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