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The Charles Yearger First Supersonic Flight Medal is a unique and highly collectible piece of aviation history. This limited edition medal commemorates the first supersonic flight by Charles "Chuck" Yeager, a legendary American test pilot and astronaut.


The front of the medal features an intricate depiction of an F-86 Sabre fighter jet breaking the sound barrier, with Chuck Yeager's name inscribed below. The reverse side of the medal displays the official seal of the United States Air Force, along with the words "First Supersonic Flight" and the date of the historic achievement.


Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this medal is made of high-quality metal and is finished with a rich patina that enhances the beauty of the design.


Owning the Charles Yearger First Supersonic Flight Medal is not only a chance to own a piece of aviation history but also an investment in a rare and valuable item. It is a timeless representation of American ingenuity and innovation, and is sure to be treasured for generations to come. This medal is a must-have for any serious collector of aviation memorabilia or military history.

Charles Yearger First Supersonic Flight Medal

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