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The Cayman Islands 1998 $1 banknote, with the designation P-21 description based on common features of Cayman Islands banknotes:

- **Obverse Side**: The obverse side of the banknote may feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as she is the head of state of the Cayman Islands. The portrait of the Queen is often accompanied by other elements such as the Cayman Islands coat of arms, denomination, and decorative patterns.

- **Reverse Side**: The reverse side may depict various images or symbols significant to the Cayman Islands, such as local wildlife, landmarks, or cultural motifs. These could include scenes of marine life, beaches, or traditional Caymanian activities.

- **Color Scheme**: Cayman Islands banknotes typically feature vibrant colors, with each denomination having its distinct color scheme to aid in easy identification. The $1 note may have a predominantly green color scheme, but without specific details, it's hard to confirm.

- **Security Features**: Cayman Islands banknotes incorporate various security features to prevent counterfeiting. These may include watermarks, security threads, holographic elements, microprinting, and other intricate details designed to deter counterfeiters.

- **Denomination**: The denomination "1" and "DOLLAR" would be prominently displayed on both sides of the banknote.

Cayman Islands 1996 $1 P-21 UNC Banknote

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