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**Russia 25 Rubles Coin - Soviet Animation "Masha and the Bear" (2021) UNC**

1. **Denomination:** 25 Rubles - The face value of the coin.

2. **Year of Issue:** 2021 - The year the coin was minted.

3. **Theme:** Soviet Animation "Masha and the Bear" - This suggests that the coin commemorates or features characters from the popular Russian animated television series "Masha and the Bear," known for its cultural significance.

4. **Condition:** UNC (Uncirculated) - This designation indicates that the coin is in pristine condition, having not been circulated and maintaining its original mint quality.

5. **Design:** The coin's design likely includes artistic elements related to "Masha and the Bear," possibly featuring characters, scenes, or symbols associated with the animated series.

6. **Mintage:** Information on the total quantity of coins minted, affecting its availability and potential collector's value.

7. **Collector's Value:** Coins celebrating popular cultural themes, especially in uncirculated condition, can be of interest to collectors. The collector's value is influenced by factors such as theme popularity, design, mintage, and condition.

**Note:** For precise and up-to-date information about this specific coin, including its detailed design, mintage, and any other relevant features, it is recommended to refer to official sources such as the Central Bank of Russia, numismatic catalogs, or reputable coin dealers specializing in Russian coins. Additionally, online numismatic communities and forums may provide insights from collectors who have acquired or researched this particular coin.

Russia 25 Rubles 2021 Soviet animation "Masha and the Bear" UNC

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