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**Ukraine 5 UAH Hryvnia Commemorative Coin - 2015 (475 of City Ternopil)**

Celebrate the rich history and cultural heritage of Ternopil with this Ukrainian 5 Hryvnia commemorative coin issued in 2015. This coin, denominated at 5 UAH, pays tribute to the city's significant contributions and landmarks.

**Key Features:**

1. **Year of Issue:** 2015
2. **Denomination:** 5 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia)
3. **Commemorative Theme:** Ternopil - 475 Years
4. **Obverse Design:** The obverse side likely features a depiction of a historical or iconic element related to Ternopil. This could include landmarks, symbols, or historical figures associated with the city.
5. **Reverse Design:** The reverse side may showcase the standard national symbols of Ukraine, such as the state emblem and the denomination, along with any additional commemorative elements.
6. **Metal Composition:** Details about the metal used, which may include base metals, nickel, or other materials.
7. **Diameter and Weight:** Specifications regarding the coin's size and weight.
8. **Mintage:** Information on the total quantity of coins minted.
9. **Catalog Number:** If available, you may find a specific catalog number that helps identify and classify the coin in numismatic references.

**Collector's Item:**
This 5 UAH Hryvnia coin is more than a piece of currency; it's a collector's item that encapsulates the cultural and historical significance of Ternopil. Its unique design, coupled with the limited mintage, makes it a cherished addition to any numismatic collection.

For specific and accurate details about this particular coin, you may want to refer to official sources, such as the National Bank of Ukraine or reputable numismatic catalogs. If there have been subsequent releases or new information since my last update, these sources would provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

5 UAH Hryvnia Commemorative Coin Ukraine 2015 475 of city Ternopil

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