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The 2015 Poland 200 Zlotys P-189 banknote in UNC (Uncirculated) condition is a testament to Poland's cultural and historical significance. The "P-189" reference likely corresponds to its cataloging number in systems like the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money by Albert Pick.

As an Uncirculated banknote, it indicates that the note is in pristine condition, free from signs of wear due to circulation. This particular banknote from 2015 reflects the artistic and economic nuances of Poland during that time.

Owning a 2015 Poland 200 Zlotys banknote in UNC condition allows you to possess a well-preserved piece of Poland's monetary history, showcasing the country's cultural heritage and economic stability. Explore the unique charm and historical depth encapsulated in this well-maintained banknote.

2015 Poland 200 Zlotys P-189 UNC Banknote

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