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The China 1998 Coin 1 Jiao is a rare and collectible coin that showcases the history and culture of China. This coin is part of the Jiao currency series that was first introduced in China in 1955 and discontinued in 2002, making it a valuable addition to any coin collection.

Crafted from a durable and long-lasting alloy of copper and nickel, this coin features the iconic image of a sheaf of wheat on the obverse side. The reverse side of the coin bears the denomination "1 Jiao" and the year of mintage "1998," which makes it a great piece of Chinese history.

Measuring at 25mm in diameter and weighing 2.6 grams, the China 1998 Coin 1 Jiao is a compact and lightweight coin that is easy to store and display. Its stunning design and intricate details make it a perfect item for collectors and investors alike.

Whether you're an avid coin collector or simply looking for a unique and meaningful gift, the China 1998 Coin 1 Jiao is an excellent choice. It's a tangible piece of China's rich history and a true gem for any coin enthusiast.


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