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The 1981 Mexico 50 Pesos P-73 Banknote is a piece of vintage currency that hails from the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. This vibrant banknote, with its intricate design, offers a glimpse into the country's history. The front side of this banknote features an illustration of Jose Maria Morelos, one of Mexico's national heroes, who played a significant role in the country's fight for independence from Spain. 

On the reverse side, the banknote showcases the Aqueduct of Morelia, a notable architectural landmark in Mexico. The design is accompanied by the denomination in numerical form. The banknote has a predominantly green color scheme, with hints of other colors adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The banknote measures 157 x 67 mm, making it a perfect fit for collectors' albums. It also features a watermark for authentication, depicting a bust of Morelos. This banknote is a must-have for avid collectors of world currency, history enthusiasts, or anyone interested in Mexican culture. It also makes a unique gift for those who appreciate vintage items with historical significance.

1981 Mexico 50 Pesos P-73 Banknote

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