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The 1969 University of Texas Bicentennial Medal is a highly collectible and rare piece of memorabilia that commemorates the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States. This medal was issued by the University of Texas in Austin and remains in uncirculated condition, making it a must-have for collectors of historical and university memorabilia.

The front of the medal features the iconic statue of liberty, along with the words "1776-1966 Bicentennial Commemoration". The reverse side of the medal showcases the seal of the University of Texas, along with the words "University of Texas at Austin" and "Bicentennial Celebration".

This medal was minted in 1969 using high-quality materials, resulting in a stunning and enduring piece of memorabilia that has stood the test of time. Its uncirculated condition means that it has never been used or handled, making it a rare find for collectors.

The University of Texas Bicentennial Medal is a unique and valuable addition to any collection of historical or university memorabilia. It is perfect for display in a frame or shadowbox, or for gifting to a collector or fan of American history. With its beautiful design and uncirculated condition, this medal is a true treasure that is sure to be appreciated for generations to come.


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