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The 1962 South Korea 10 Jeon P-28a banknote in UNC (Uncirculated) condition represents a well-preserved piece of South Korean monetary history. The "P-28a" reference likely corresponds to its cataloging number in systems like the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money by Albert Pick.

As an Uncirculated banknote, it implies that the note has not undergone significant wear or handling, maintaining its original crispness and quality. This particular banknote from 1962 reflects the economic and cultural landscape of South Korea during that time.

Owning a UNC 1962 South Korea 10 Jeon banknote allows you to have a pristine representation of the country's history and currency design from the early 1960s. Explore the unique charm and historical depth encapsulated in this well-preserved South Korean banknote.

1962 South Korea 10 Jeon P-28a UNC Banknote

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