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The 1950 Mexico 1 Peso banknote, designated as P-46b, offers a glimpse into the monetary history of Mexico during the mid-20th century. Here's a detailed description of this fascinating banknote:

1. **Issuer**: Mexico, a country located in North America known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and diverse landscapes.

2. **Denomination**: The banknote has a face value of 1 Peso, which was a common unit of currency in Mexico at the time of its issuance.

3. **Year of Issue**: 1950, representing a period of economic stability and development in Mexico following World War II.

4. **Catalog Number**: P-46b, a unique identifier used by collectors and numismatists to categorize and reference the banknote.

5. **Condition**: Described as "Used," indicating that the banknote has been circulated and shows signs of wear consistent with its age and usage. This may include creases, folds, discoloration, and other imperfections typical of circulated banknotes.

6. **Front Design**: The obverse side of the banknote likely features prominent Mexican national symbols, such as the national emblem, historical figures, or cultural motifs. Specific details may vary based on the variant of the banknote.

7. **Reverse Design**: The reverse side of the banknote likely showcases iconic Mexican landmarks, natural scenery, or national symbols, although specific details may vary based on the variant of the banknote.

8. **Historical Context**: The 1950s was a period of significant social, political, and economic change in Mexico, characterized by industrialization, urbanization, and modernization efforts. The issuance of banknotes like the 1950 Mexico 1 Peso reflected the country's growing economic prowess and the need for stable and reliable currency.

9. **Collectible Value**: Despite being a circulated banknote, the 1950 Mexico 1 Peso P-46b holds historical and numismatic significance, making it a desirable item for collectors interested in Mexican currency and history. Its unique design and connection to a pivotal era in Mexico's development add to its collectible value.

Overall, the 1950 Mexico 1 Peso P-46b banknote provides a tangible link to Mexico's past and serves as a reminder of the country's rich cultural heritage and economic progress during the mid-20th century.

1950 Mexico 1 Peso P46b, Used Banknote

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