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The 1917 French Emergency Note 50 Centimes, with the catalog reference number P19-9, is a significant piece of French currency issued during a period of emergency. Here are some key details about this banknote:

- **Denomination:** The banknote has a face value of 50 Centimes, representing its worth in the French currency system at the time of issuance.

- **Date:** It was issued in 1917.

- **Catalog Reference Number:** P19-9 is the specific catalog reference number assigned to this banknote by collectors and numismatists for identification purposes.

- **Design:** The design of the banknote likely features symbols, motifs, or imagery significant to France during the period of its issuance. Emergency notes such as this one were often issued during times of war or economic crisis to supplement regular currency.

- **Issuer:** The banknote was likely issued by the French government or a relevant authority responsible for managing currency issuance during the emergency period.

The 1917 French Emergency Note 50 Centimes, with catalog reference number P19-9, represents a piece of French monetary history during a time of crisis. If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to ask!

1917 French Emergency Note 50 Centimes P 19-9 Banknote, Used

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