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**Product Description:**

Immerse yourself in the history of American currency with this remarkable 1901 Legal Tender $10 dollar banknote, featuring the iconic design and historical significance that characterized the turn of the 20th century. Graded by PMG as 15, this banknote exhibits a well-preserved condition, allowing you to appreciate its beauty and authenticity.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this banknote bears the classic motifs and intricate patterns characteristic of its era. The obverse side features a portrait of the renowned statesman and founding father, Alexander Hamilton, alongside ornate engraving and decorative elements. The reverse side may showcase additional symbolic imagery or inscriptions, reflecting the values and aspirations of the American people during this transformative period in history.

Despite its age, this banknote retains much of its original charm and allure. While it may exhibit signs of wear consistent with its circulation, each crease and fold serves as a testament to its journey through time and across hands, adding character and authenticity to this historical artifact.

Whether you're a seasoned collector of American currency or a novice enthusiast eager to explore the nation's monetary heritage, this 1901 Legal Tender $10 dollar banknote is a prized addition to any collection. Display it proudly in your numismatic showcase, use it as a tangible connection to the story of America's past, or gift it to a fellow collector – whatever your purpose, this banknote is sure to evoke admiration and appreciation for its beauty and historical significance.

1901 Legal Tender $10 dollar Fr # 122 PMG 15 Bison Banknote

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