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The 1870's $5 State of Louisiana "Baby Bond" CGA-67 Gem/UNC Obsolete Banknote refers to a specific type of historical currency issued by the State of Louisiana during the 1870s. Here's a breakdown of its key characteristics:

- **Denomination:** The banknote has a face value of $5, representing its monetary worth at the time of issuance.

- **Issuer:** The State of Louisiana issued these banknotes during the 1870s. "Baby Bond" is a term sometimes used to describe smaller-denomination bonds or securities.

- **Grade:** CGA-67 Gem/UNC indicates the banknote's condition as assessed by CGA (Currency Grading & Authentication), a grading and authentication service. A grade of 67 indicates that the banknote is in Gem Uncirculated condition, meaning it's in pristine condition with sharp corners, full original color, and no evidence of handling or wear.

- **Obsolete Banknote:** This term refers to currency that is no longer in circulation and has been replaced by modern currency. Obsolete banknotes are often collected as historical artifacts rather than used for transactions.

Overall, the 1870's $5 State of Louisiana "Baby Bond" CGA-67 Gem/UNC Obsolete Banknote is a rare and valuable collectible, offering a glimpse into Louisiana's financial history during the post-Civil War era. These banknotes are highly sought after by collectors of American currency, especially those interested in obsolete banknotes and historical artifacts.

1870’s $5 State of Louisiana-"Baby Bond CGA-67 Gem/UNC Obsolete Banknote

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