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A Chinese coin from the period of the Southern Song Dynasty. Here are some details about this coin:

1. **Era and Dynasty:** The period specified, 1260-1264, falls within the Southern Song Dynasty in China. This dynasty existed from 1127 to 1279.

2. **Denomination:** The coin is referred to as a "300 Cash Coin," indicating its face value or denomination. Cash coins were a type of currency commonly used in ancient China.

3. **Material:** The coin is made of cast bronze, a traditional material for Chinese coins.

4. **Tally:** The term "tally" suggests that the coin may have been used as part of an accounting or counting system. In ancient times, Chinese coins were often strung together in groups or tallies for ease of handling and counting.

5. **Design:** Ancient Chinese coins typically featured square holes in the center, and the design and inscriptions varied based on the era and issuing authority.

6. **Historical Context:** The Southern Song Dynasty was a significant period in Chinese history, marked by advancements in arts, culture, and technology. However, it also faced political and military challenges.

7. **Collector's Value:** Ancient Chinese coins are highly valued by collectors for their historical significance and craftsmanship. The condition, rarity, and historical context of the coin can impact its collector's value.


1260-1264 China Empire 300 Cash Coin Tally, Chinese Ancient Cast Bronze.

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