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This 100 Pesos Bolivianos banknote from 1962, designated with the catalog number P# 163, is a fascinating piece of currency from Bolivia. Featuring a portrait of General Antonio Jose de Sucre, a prominent figure in Bolivian history, on the front, this note is a true representation of Bolivia's rich cultural and political heritage. The back of the note depicts a scene of the Bolivian Congress and includes the country's coat of arms.

Measuring approximately 157 x 70 mm, this note has a bold red and blue color scheme with intricate details throughout. The note is in well circulated condition and comes with vibrant colors, and no folds or creases. It is a rare and highly collectible piece of Bolivian currency that will make a great addition to any numismatist's collection.

Whether you're a collector of rare banknotes or simply looking for an interesting piece of Bolivian history, this 100 Pesos Bolivianos banknote from 1962 is sure to impress. With its striking design it is a true treasure that is both beautiful and valuable. Don't miss your chance to add this unique piece of Bolivian currency to your collection today.

100 Pesos Bolivianos 1962 P163, Used Banknote

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