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Introducing the breathtaking 10 Hryven 2022 "The Navy Forces" Warship coin from Ukraine - a true masterpiece of numismatic craftsmanship!

This stunning coin features an intricate design showcasing a powerful warship from the Ukrainian Navy, with the inscription "ВМС УКРАЇНИ" (Ukrainian Navy) above it. The reverse side of the coin bears the Coat of Arms of Ukraine, the denomination of "10 ГРИВЕНЬ" (10 Hryven), and the year of issue "2022".

This limited edition coin is struck in high-quality zinc and has a diameter of 26mm, making it a perfect addition to any collection or a great gift for coin enthusiasts and military history buffs. The coin is in uncirculated condition, which means it has not been used as legal tender and is in pristine, original condition.

The "The Navy Forces" Warship coin pays tribute to the strength and bravery of the Ukrainian Navy and its important role in protecting the nation's borders and sovereignty. The coin is a symbol of national pride and a tribute to the men and women who serve in the Ukrainian Navy.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Ukrainian history and military heritage with the 10 Hryven 2022 "The Navy Forces" Warship coin. This coin is a rare and highly sought-after piece that will add value and prestige to any coin collection. Get yours today!

10 Hryven 2022 "The Navy Forces" Warship coin from Ukraine Uncirculated

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