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This Guarani Paraguay banknote from 1963, designated with the catalog number P# 193, is a rare and fascinating piece of currency from Paraguay. Featuring a portrait of Dr. Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, a prominent political figure in Paraguay's history, on the front, this note is a true representation of Paraguay's rich cultural heritage. The back of the note features a scene of a farmer plowing a field with oxen, reflecting the importance of agriculture to Paraguay's economy.

This particular banknote is in very fine (VF) condition, with some signs of wear due to its age, but it still retains most of its original details and design. It has a centerfold that runs vertically down the center of the note, but this does not detract from its overall appearance. Measuring approximately 143 x 70 mm, this note has a bold blue and green color scheme with intricate details throughout.

Whether you're a collector of rare banknotes or simply looking for an interesting piece of Paraguayan history, this Guarani Paraguay banknote from 1963 is a great choice. With its striking design and unique centerfold, it is a true treasure that is both beautiful and valuable. Don't miss your chance to add this unique piece of Paraguayan currency to your collection today.

1 Guarani Paraguay 1963 P# 193

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